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Hey Jennifer,
You and your people were amazing!
I only wish I found you sooner. Looking forward to the next one!
You make is so easy for me and because of you also look great to my clients!
Lynne Zimms - First in Service - New York
Everything was just perfect, 
you the best DMC that she ever worked with!
Amanda Teale - Travel by Amanda - Newdigate - UK
Sylvia/Stephen/Filippo and Jennifer
 Just a quick note again of thanks for everything.  You are all golden and I greatly appreciate and enjoy working with all of you!
Janice Martorano - ProTravel - New York
 I talked with my clients the other day about her trip and she had such amazing things to say about the half day wine tour they went on in Lyon. I want to thank you for all of your help with that and I look forward to using Queen of Clubs again soon!
All the best,
Mason Wood - KK Travel Worldwide - Atlanta
I got this simple email from a client today:
Queen of Clubs service in Paris has been top notch!!! Thank you so much!!
Robert Merlin - Smart Flyer - New York
You are definitely one of the most concise and professional companies I have ever contacted.
Thank you for all of the time you put into this proposal.
I will be calling you in the future
Vanessa Cohen - Protravel - Miami
My client told me it was one of the best trips they've ever taken. Top 5 she said
She raved about how happy her kids were and all the lunch and dinner rezzies etc.  Ha go figure! Well done!
Jolie Goldring - In the know experiences - New York
I have to give a major shout out to Jennifer, Enrica and Stephen from queen of clubs who managed in the late NY hours and early Paris hours, were able to get my clients on a private plane out of Paris in the early morning to London. What sounds so seemingly easy was not in light of the circumstances. They did not hesitate to stay awake, check in directly with client, update me and really create a smooth seamless adjustment. clients response: "Your team hooked us up this morning. Everything went smoothly." 
Kyle Seltzer - Smart Flyer - New York
Thanks for making our first venture working together an amazing experience for my clients in South of France. They thought that the bike tour was amazing, and specifically the young guide was the best!  They loved their tour as well.  They said the bike trip was a highlight of the whole trip. Thanks again!!
Cindy Ducasse - TTI Travel - Toronto
"Sorry to say the Paris leg of our journey has ended.  Everything was perfect and everything ran like a well oiled clock.  Could not have been better (unless it was longer).   Many many thanks your patience and hard work.  We had a blast!!"
Client comment 
Efua Southern - Bear & Bear Travel - New York
I just wanted to report that literally everything on this trip was an A-plus.
Karine- the best guide I've ever had on any trip.   She took us to some parts of Paris I'd never been The cruise was elegant, not cheesy or touristy like the others. Nothing like Paris at night from the water. Really special trip
A satisfied client 
Rabia Shahenshah - Tzell - NY
Congratulations for your job, our client is happy with his stay in Paris. 
Tks again and warm regards!!
Lia Figini - Furlong Fox - Buenos Aires
I am talking to my wife and we both agree that after several trips to Paris over the years, this was by far the best we had and was due in large part to your team. From the choice of the hotel to the tours guides and restaurants, all were excellent. Thanks and look forward to doing business with you again in the future. 
A satisfied Client 
Laurie Robinson - Protravel - New York
On behalf of the board of Trustees of ICA Miami, we would liek to extend our heartfeit to Queen of Clubs for being such a fantastic guide service to our group in Paris. you did an excelletn job ensuring all our day-to-day went smoothly. You truly made our overall experience OUTSTANDING and enjoyable. 
Alex Gartenfeld - ICA - Miami
Hi Laura and Jennifer, Just spoke with the client and they had a wonderful time. She said their guide made the trip! She said it made the city come to life. :))  She loved everything. Said it was a wonderful experience. Thank you again for making my clients so happy!!!!!!! 
Julia Fisher - Tulia Travel - Naples
He said they loved the wine & cheese tasting - they learned a lot and had fun. They said the dinner cruise was awesome and seeing the Eiffel tower light up at night was amazing, it was the highlight of their trip. In Paris the time was totally planned and he said Paris just blew him away. Thank you so much for being such a great partner and for continuing to wow my clients -- thank you thank you thank you!
Julia Fisher - Smart Flyer - New York
It is great, you did a very good job in a very short time.
Thank you. They enjoyed very nmuch their time!
Nikki Rawden - Parnassus Travel Group - London
Good morning Kate! The trip has been exceptional!  Great job!  The movie experience was incredible. The crew was so sweet.  Everyone we have met has been so amazing and nice. I can’t thank you enough.  The engagement went so perfect.  It’s all on video of course. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Your Paris people from Queen of Clubs, are the BEST.  
Client comment to the agent 
Kate Corey - Nomadic Souls - Chicago
The D. enjoyed the hotel very much and said it was the best there.  Many thanks for your help!!
Susan Ponte - Protravel - New York
Dear Sarah and the rest of QOC team,
Just texting you to say THANK YOU THANK YOU & THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
Clients came back so happy and congratulating all of you, cars, drivers and with special mention with the guide that take specially care of the ladies during the visits.
Ignasi Xipel - Southern Cross - Barcelona
Hi Sarah,  
We had a amazing time in Paris and wanted to thank you for all your help
with the tours. Elizabeth was very nice and knowledgable and Adrien was very
friendly as well. Ingber too was a great tour guide. The Eiffel Tower was
beautiful and having those fast track tickets were great!! 
Thanks again, Mattie
Jeff-Traugot - Travel Experts - New York
We throughly enjoyed it and had fun. Thank you for your help. I will definitely be in touch for my clients...Thanks 
Aanchal - Protravel - New York
Dear Sarah, 
client said the experience in Paris was just awsome so they simply had great time! 
Beth Petcove - Smart Flyer - New York
Dear Sarah,I heard form Mr D. assistant and he said it was the best meet and greet and transfer they have ever had in Paris!
Tom McLaughlin - Roberta Sonnino Travel - New York
Dear Filippo, Thank you and all your team for such an amazing job, pulled out in such an amazing way. I’ve already written to Mrs L. who was was just amaized with the way you packed her experience. It’s great to know that we have partners who can help us with that kind of request and, the same way, be sure that we will be always here to help you with anything you may need from us.
Guilherme Gomes - Jazz Side - Sao Paulo